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Creatine And Injuries?

This past spring I pulled my hamstring in one of my track meets. It put my out for the whole season because it kept re-pulling. I talked to my coach and he thought it could have been from the creatine i was on. I had been taking creatine monohydrate for 2 years on and off and had never had a problem before that.

I went off the creatine and my pulled muscle went away. I want to get back on it because i love the stuff but i am unsure if i will pull my hamstring again. I have asked people and they say creatine ethyl ester(CEE)would be a good choice because people don’t get the side effects they do with creatine monohydrate.

I am just wondering if CEE will really work without the chance of my pulling my hamstring again. Thanks

If you dont get the effects of Monoydrate then the creatine is not working It dont matter what creatine it is it should do the same thing add hydration, and have the need for you to stay hydrated. Id use regular old monohydrate and be sure to stay hydrated drink more water