Creatine and Heart Health

So today my creatine came in the mail and one of my roomates tells me her ex bf used to take it. Apparently one time he went for a check up and his heart rate was off (she couldn’t remember whether it was high or low) and the doctor said it had something to do with how his body reacted to the creatine and instructed him to stop taking it.

Now I’ve heard creatine can fuck your kidneys up if you don’t drink enough water but have never heard of any negative effects regarding anything else. Is there any truth to this or is this another case of a doctor who doesn’t know fuck all?

I love third-hand rumors.

Most people screw up what their doctors tell them in the first place and you’re worried about what your friend’s boyfriend’s doctor might have said?

Not that it would necessarily cause this, but most people and some doctors still confuse creatinine with creatine.

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