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Creatine and Hair Loss?



I’m concerned with creatine. It seems like a great supplement and I like it but I’ve stopped for now. I don’t think I am prone to male pattern baldness but I’m not sure. I have a full thick head of hair (22 yo).
What is your opinion on it ?
And if it does cause hairloss, dht increase… Would a anti-hair loss cream work ? I don’t like the idea of dht inhibitors.


Jesus christ.

Creatine will not cause hair loss.


If that’s true why are most of these creatine users bald?



Your argument is too strong; I have nothing.

Seems it only happens to black guys though so I’m in the clear.


Haha… because a lot of us bald guys shave.
No, doesn’t cause hair loss.


I’ve used it for 20 years plus and no hair loss. It’s not a anabolic.