Creatine and Glutimine

Ok can someone clear my head about Creatine and Glutimine. I am dazed and confused. A buddy of mine who just started to train went to the local Vitamine World to day to buy a few things. While he was there he was getting some Creatine, but insted the Women behind the counter told him Glutime was better and that they both did the same thing… she told him creatine will make him hold water and look bloted… Ok wtf… I just started laughing at him when he called me and told him he should have smacked her… Anyone tell me why this could be?

OK so I was wrong I guess

What’s your question? Why the dumbass behind the counter said that? Stay out of those places!

He should have smacked her. Read “Creatine Fact and Fancy” by TC, which should come up first when you search for creatine in the T-Mag section. Read the other relevant articles. Do the same for glutamine.

Creatine will cause water retention, no doubt, but if you are relatively lean, that will make your muscles look bigger. The first time I took creatine I loaded it (took 20 grams per day for 4-5 days) and I definitely noticed this property. From my experience, creatine helped me to make solid and noticeable strength gains over about a 3 month period. However, not everybody will enjoy the same benefits.

I’ve also taken glutamine and I too have read somewhere (not on T-Mag!) that glutamine can make your muscles hold some water, or look fuller or something. From what I’ve read since then (on T-Mag), I think that this is crap. I think most people on here take glutamine when they are dieting to decrease the risk of LBM loss. Currently, I’m trying to use up my 2 tubs of glutamine and then I probably won’t buy it again. I eat well and take in a lot of protein, and have decided not to diet for a while, just gain mass baby!

To summarize, creatine and glutamine, while being composed of amino acids, are two different things altogether. Creatine will cause noticeable water retention in most people but will not impair them in any way (it didn’t impair me). Glutamine will not cause much, if any, water retention and probably should be relegated to the Retired Supplements Shelf (Barr, “Destroying the Dogma”)except when dieting.

whats the question
why should he have punched her? cause she’s an idiot…
does creatine and Glut do the same thing? no

As Whetu answered so efficiently, Creatine and Glutamine do not do the same thing.

It’s easy to find Creatine info on T-mag. If your interested, Glutamine studies are discussed at length in Glutamine Destroying the Dogma, Parts 1 and 2 by David J. Barr. The synopsis - not to favorable for glutamine. That being said, glutamine is an ingredient in Surge (along with other BCAAs), and I have personally noticed significant changes in recovery time since starting Surge.

I actually was not asking a ? but telling a story, I my self work in the supplement ind. And I thought this persone to be a dumb ass and told my friend not to shop in these places.