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Creatine and Glutamine Stack


A friend of mine suggested that I combine my creatine with my glutamine as that would increase absorbtion. I have searched T-Nation high and low to get some information on stacking the supplements and found some conflicting information. Can anyone give me some definitive advice?

I basically want to know if I should take them together, in what quantities and when. They are just creatine monohydrate and l-glutamine.



I'm guessing that your friend is suggesting that b/c glutamine has been shown to increase glycogen resynthesis rates, post-workout, that by combining your creatine w/ glutamine would be warranted.

IF, in fact, that's his point, you'd be better served by combining creatine w/ a high-dose of BCAAs (Leucing, Valine & Isoleucine).

Also, if you're already consuming creatine w/ a carbohydrate load or some other insulin mimetic (ex: 4-hydroxyisoleucine, rALA, d-Pinitol, etc), then there's little reason that I'm aware of stating improved absorption by coingestion of creatine + glutamine.

As a final sidenote, glutamine is highly over-rated. As an anti-catabolic, there are FAR better amino acids to use. Besides, even at its best, an efficacious daily dose of glutamine is approx 20g per day.

Hope this has helped. - chris


That does help and I apreciate the feedback.

I have heard both sides of the argument as far as glutamine is concerned. Is it really that worthless? What amino acids are recomended as better?

The bottle says to take 1 serving (5g if I remember correctly) PWO and another 2 hours later. From what I am hearing, this is not enough to make any difference. Is glutamine worthwhile in larger doses?

Thanks again.