Creatine and Fat Loss

I’m dropping my body fat % so I can do bodybuilding but was wondering if I could still take creatine and achieve my fat loss at the same rate. If you think I can, what are some good kinds of creatine you can recommend?


All you had to do was look to your left. BTW you can access the store here in the left hand corner too. :wink:

Today’s tip comes from Christian Thibaudeau:

Creatine and Cutting

Should you take creatine while on a fat loss diet? I wouldn’t say that it’s a “must,” but it’s pretty darn close to being one. While on a diet, creatine will allow you to be able to sustain a higher level of effort in the gym. It’ll also swell your muscles which is helpful psychologically (you won’t feel as if your muscles are wasting away because they’re “flat.”)