Creatine and Fat Loss

Hey guys I read in an article on here about your body burning an extra 150 calories or so per day in the process of assimilating creatine that you consume…I have searched for an hour and can’t find it…any help?


I don’t know the thermic effect of creatine, but I doubt its anywhere near 150 calories… At all. 5 grams of creatine is 20kcals at most. I can’t imagine it would take your body 150-70 kcals to digest/absorb/utilize it. Sounds impossible.

I swear it was an article I read on here…the rest of the article talked about how a whole bunch of little bits of calorie deficits add up…but I cant find the article again!


creatine doesn’t contain calories.

As for taking 150 calories to “assimilate” it, I doubt that.

OP, you’re probably over thinking this.