Creatine and ephedrine

I know much of you don’t condon the use of either drugs, but i was wondering would would happen if you stack the two together? Increase in size and moreso in strength and energy!
Or is a tragic downfall/burnout going to occur?

I think most of the people here condone the use of both of them. Not in conjunction with each other but as valuable supplements.

There are no stupid questions, only stupid people who ask questions.

Creatine is not a drug. I don’t see any problem using them together. I do it all the time.

Your kidneys and liver will probably explode. Especially with all that extra protein you people needlessly consume.

Creatine and ephedrine are not exactly drugs man. But for your question I find that I have much better results using them separately.

I had a tragic downfall/burnout the other day. I took two Xenadrine and a big scoop of Cell-Tech. Then everything went blank. I used to own a computer consulting business, a home, a yacht, a beautiful wife and a girlfriend. When I woke up that evening in a Vegas alley, I had no money and I was dressed in rags. The home and yacht were gone and the wife had run off with the girlfriend. I was shaking and drooling and then I offered to suck a man’s penis for money to buy Ribose-C and MD6 mixed together. It cured the cravings. For a while!

on a serious note, I feel it’s senseless to take ephedrine for weight loss and creatine for weight gain at the same time. However as a powerlifter, I have used creatine for extra strength and then also ephedrine to get hyped for a workout.