Creatine and dry mouth

When on creatine I have a constant dry mouth, even though I drink tons of water. What’s the reason for this and is there any way to combat it ?

Hey noa,

I used to get the same dry mouth when taking creatine. I just had to realize I needed even more water. I copied this from another website:

Scientific Name: Creatine
Other Names: Creatine Citrate, Creatine Monohydrate

What side effects should I watch for?

Major Side Effects

In continuous high doses (20,000 mg per day or more), creatine may contribute to high blood pressure ? possibly from water-retention. Water accumulation may also affect the function of the heart, kidneys, or liver.

Conversely, dehydration may also be possible during the use of supplemental creatine. Although creatine has not been proved to cause dehydration, it pulls water into muscle tissue, potentially leaving less water available for other body functions. Signs of dehydration range from dry mouth to fatigue. If it is severe, dehydration may cause the heart to beat rapidly. Athletes taking creatine are advised to drink additional fluids during and after exercise.

I don’t know noa, but you might want to drink even more water. Sometimes people think they eat alot of calories and complain about not gaining weight. When in reality, if they really looked at their diet they are barely getting maintenance calories. So maybe you are drinking the usual amount of water and need to take into account that with creatine you need even more.

About a week ago I tried creatine, a single huge dose of 20 grams on the first day with a fruit smoothie. It made me really thirsty and I drank a ton of water.
My heart felt like it was pounding that night. The next day I took another 10 grams and I felt the same effect that night. The next day I checked my blood pressure and it was high. I waited a few minutes to calm down and checked it again and it was normal, so I don’t think it really raised my blood pressure. I did notice that my muscles looked much fuller after this short experiment. However I decided to lay off the creatine experiments for awhile–at least until I am having less stress at work. Then I will try again with much more conservative doses.