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Creatine and Diuretics?


can anyone tell me if caffeine and/or diuretics will cancel out the effects of creatine? it doesnt sound like it to me cause if the creatine goes straight into the muscle and makes it take in water, i doubt the diuretic will get it out, they mainly operate on water under or in the skin right?


What is it with all thje creatine questions lately. It is like the stuff just came out. It has been used for decades.

There have been at least five seperate threads asking essentially the same damn questions in just the last two days.

Sorry, I usually try to be patient and helpfull and try and not just say Do a search. But in this case you wouldnt even have to search just click on one of the existiting threads. AAAAAHH

A search as well would trun up THOUSANDS of these.

OK rant over,

Hope that Helped ,

thank you. that did help. and it only took you 5 seconds to write.

twas a fine rant btw…

No i wont cause any problems, hell i take my creatine with green tea occasionally.

Cool actually thanks for the thanks. LOL

Just getting a bit old I guess.

On a side note I take my creatine in green tea or even coffee form time to time as well also.