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Creatine and............diarrhoea!!!

I’ve been taking small amounts of creatine (less than 2 gms) after workout with warm grape juice. Started to have diarrhoea. Stopped taking it for a while…cleared up…then I started again…within a couple of hours I was running to the toilet. Is this common? I take micronized creatine.

My experience has been: Creatine = the shits

Sucks that you dont tolerate creatine well, even when taking such small ammounts. The only thing i could say would to give Ribose-C a shot and it you cant take that either then get your refund and leave creatine alone.

Ihave the same problem if I take 10 grams or more. Your problem is worse. I would try ribose c. If that does not work try a good effervescent creatine. Gen makes a good product.

The shits … but does it volumize your muscles . Have you tried anything other than stopping like fiber, medicine, cheese, etc? So I wonder, would a T-Man let such a thing stop him? Just a thought! Fiber worked for me.

Try it with warm tea. Then drink your grape juice afterwards. What brand do you use?

I mix mine with protein and cytomax after work out and I stopped getting it.

When I first started taking creatine, I was using phospagen HP and another brand like it. Took it all day, and had no problem. Then I went to the plain creatine, and had crazy shits. I went back to the Phoshagen, and still had crazy shits. Stopped taking it for 4 months, then started again, and for the last year, I’ve taken 15 grams at a time once in a while immediately following a workout with no problem. As a mater of fact, I just had 15 g. creatine mixed with 90 grams dextrose, and 45 grams VP2, and have no problem at all.

Why did I sometimes have that problem? I think it was due to the stomach state while you take it. I think the Ph, the Method of delivery, foods you ate, everything has a hand in it.

If I were you, I would take the creatine to the gym, and as soon as you were done lifting, take 2-5 grams w/ water.

it’s not the creatine man, it’s the grape juice!!! Mix the creatine with cool-aide or gatoraide if you can’t stand to take it w/water or don’t want the diarrea. It’s loaded w/sugar, but so is welches grape juice, so it isn’t much worse.

I believe Mike is right, the grape juice is the culprit for the runs. Try to mix it with Gatorade.