Creatine and Diabetes

I have been told that creatine monohydrate is not recommended for Diabetics. Do any of you know why this may be the case?
I have done a small amount of reading and it appears to help some people with type 2 diabetes with blood sugar control i.e. lowers it. I have read other things saying it is not recommended by with no reasoning.
I am a little disappointed as I am good responder to creatine monohydrate ( I am type 2 diabetes). I have not taken it that often though.

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How does one determine this?

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I have always gained strength better than I do without taking it. Anecdotal of course.

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There are people who gain some water weight similarly to dbol and gain good strength. But there are the non responders, which is an actual term when talking about creatine, who dont get any benefit.

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Creatine can also had a slight strain on the kidneys. Diabetes can also tax the kidneys as well as a myriad of other things.

You should be having bloodwork done regularly for your endo appointments checking kidney values. Keep an eye on that.


@Sumbody nailed it - it’s a CKD concern

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Thanks ckd ? Guessing kidneys. I had better avoid I suppose. Chronic Kidney Disease CKD

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