Creatine and Cutting ?

When on a cutting cycle would the use of creatine make you look puffy even though a fairly low (single digit) bodyfat ratio has been achieved ? Does the water retention occur within the muscle cell only or is it also visible under the skin giving a puffy/water retaining look. Also what would be the minimum time one would have to wait between a cutting cycle and starting a bulking cycle to minimize regaining fat ? Thanks for the help.

The water retention from creatine is strictly intramuscular, so as you said, it looks and feels like muscle (nothing else).

A study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research showed that creatine supplementation had no effect on fat loss during a Calorie restriced diet.

I’d use it for its potential anticatabolic activity during a catabolic situation.


I have used creatine right up to a contest with no water retention problems. The water stays in the cell, not under the skin. The best way to minimize fat gain on a bulking cycle is to not increase your calories to fast and don’t eat alot of crap. If you eat good nutrient dense food you can eat alot without gaining to much useless fat