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Creatine and Constipation

Hello everyone. I haven’t taken creatine in many years untill now. I started with Optimum Nutrition’s plain Creatine Monohydrate about 10 days ago at a 5g per day dose. So, two days ago I really start to feel the effects of the creatine; good in that I felt really strong in my Monday workout; bad in that I started getting constipated.

My diet is pretty good and I eat lots veggies, salads getting at least 40 grams of fiber per day and I’ve been staying nice a regular for a while now. I understand that creatine draws water away from your digestive tract and into your muscles. It seems that when I drink more water I just pee more and it doesn’t help the constipation.

Is there another form of creatine that might be better for me such as liquid or a purer brand? Can I just take the creatine post workout three days per week for maintenance?

how much water do you drink? (typically on average…we don’t need an exact OUNCE)

I’ve not had any problems with the Creatine sold through this site.

I believe it’s pure, micronized German Creatine monohydrate.

I drink a lot of water, actually I pee more when taking the creatine so the water doesn't seem to get to my intestines as much while I am on creatine.  The ON brand Creatine that I am taking says creapure and micronized.  I am going to try taking it only after lifting as advised by David Barr in his naked truth article and see how that does.

I’ll trade you my creatine, it gives the grizzly shits like you wouldn’t believe regardless how much water I do or don’t drink.

dday, what kind are you taking?