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creatine and caffeine

ok, i did a little research and i’m confused on the topic of using creatine while taking fat burners that have caffeine. My plan was to go on a creatine cycle while going for fat loss since my goal is not to lose water weight but fat. creatine will help replenish my much needed muscle energy and help maintain proper water level. I think it is fine then to take the creatine b4 and after my workouts. What do you guys think? Also i normally don’t do creatine so even if i do put on water weight it wont bother me as long as my fat layers decipate. laters pk

You can use creatine with caffeine. Remember the original creatine studies used tea. If I remember right, one study said not to use creatine with caffeine but all other studies didn’t support that finding. But since a lot of the BB mags reported only the one negative study this became an oft repeated myth.

TEK, so caffeine is alright then? I’ve read that during the loading phase of creatine, caffeine is out of the question because it hinders water retention which creatine causes. Now, if that’s the case during loading, why wouldn’t the same problem occur during a 10-week cycle? And whats the difference between caffeine from tea vs. caffeine from coffee?

I recommend supplementing with creatine full-time. Absorption won’t be such as issue then, although I tend to agree that it’s not an issue anyway. Also, people used to eat more meat, so the human body is probably accustomed to a decent intake of creatine. In fact, I tend to think of improvements due to creatine as being the result of the reversal of creatine deficiency. It’s like saying that vitamin C eliminates symptoms of scurvy, as if scurvy were the natural human condition. In fact, I predict that, within 20 years, the FDA will provide an RDA for creatine intake.

The study that brought up the thing about caffeine and creatine was a little different than most normal useage of caffeine. I think it was ~25mg/kg or for a 200lb lifter 2250mg/day, say 11.25 servings of a normal caffeine tab, or 22.5 servings of nodoze

A LOT !!!