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Creatine and Caffeine interaction

I’m trying to find out the definitive answer to whether or not caffeine has a significant negative effect on creatine. I’ve read that only large doses of caffeine has this effect- the equivalent of 10 cups of coffee. However, as caffeine stays in the body for a significant number of hours, then surely if creatine is used it is wise to abstain from caffiene altogether to prevent any possible interaction? At the momement I drink several cups of tea during the day which contains a modererate amount of caffiene, and also add cocoa powder to my protein shake which also contains a small amount. Generally I don’t drink coffee. Any thoughts on this? Regards.

Recent research seems to suggest that acute caffeine usage does not share the adverse effects associated with both short (as little as 3 days) and long-term usage. So using caffeine pre cardio for it’s stimulant effect should not interfere with muscle reaction time, etc.

Here is the reference:

Hespel P, et al. Opposite actions of caffeine and creatine on muscle relaxation time in humans. J Appl Physiol. 2002 Feb;92(2):513-8.

Thanks for the info.

I’d just watch out and keep yourself well hydrated. Both of those substances are going to cause dehydration… I’d guess on drinking another 32 ounces per day.