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Creatine and body fat%?????


ive beenon creatine for about 6 weeks.,, i have 6 weeks left in my meltdown training along with the t-dawg diet.. should i stay on creatine..or will it hert my body fat %?? because my goal rite now is to lose body fat.


up this..

also..after i bulk should i cut, or maintain first?


Definitely keep the creatine, especially since you are on a low carb diet with a seriously anaerobic training program.

I'd maintain for a bit after you cut. Make sure to read JB's new article in the paper issue or check out the post about resetting the body fat set point.


ok..i had planned to maintain for 8 weeks...then cut for 8..hows that sound?
ill gradual adjust my cals and carbs..

what supps for the bulk?


It sounds good if you want to keep cutting, but I thought you were going to maintain and then bulk. Bulking supps really vary. Check out the supplement roundup and there was an article by TC a few months ago about the big 4 - Methoxy-7, Androsol (now 4-AD-EC), MAG-10 and Tribex. It was a few weeks after the inception of MAG-10.

TEK - Mr. Table of Contents, do you remember which issue that was?


I am currently cutting and will be for the next 6 weeks..

but im talking about after...

in september i plan on bulking for 8
then maintenence for 8
then cutting for 8

will those subblments work for me? im 18


Creatine makes me hold a lot of water in the love handles. I'd drop the creatine if you want to get as cut as possible. You'll notice a huge difference about a week after dropping the creatine.


i usually feel a little more bloated..but at the begining of my creatine cycle i was still ripped..
i need more oppinions


If you are one of the lucky ones that responds to creatine I see no reason to ever stop using it as it relates to bulking or dieting. (I am not a responder-but I find D-bol works almost as good as Bill Phillips expereinces with Phosphagen HP-LOL!)


Keep the creatine, remember your science CP is aiding in ATP production. Fairly important to a body builder. Being able to train in the anaerobic threshold with the appropriate intensity for the given situation is going to keep the muscle on you, this is how you will eventually look lean. More muscle, better metabollic response.


im still looking for some supplemtns for my upcomming bulk\strength cycle



will mag-10 and those other prohormone's be effective for me at 18?


Just chiming in on an earlier point; I wouldn't worry about "bulking supps" (I'm not counting androgenic aids as supps). When bulking, all you really need is more good food.

The only exception to this might be creatine, but even if you like it, I don't think that you'd need extra if you were eating a lot of red meat in your diet. Of course, if you're a vegan then you should definitely take it.


ok thanx..

i was going to use ALA-because im going on a high carb diet(massive eating)
creatine-protien powder-ALA
and a shit load of food...
sound good..plus im 18 and i dont kno if supplements like prohormones or test boasters will do much..


oh..and flax and fish oil


Don't worry about the "bulking" supps. You'll have plenty of more years to try these out later. Train hard, eat big and see what happens first. You sound like you are off to a good start.


alrite man..THanx