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Creatine and Athletic Ability


I was thinking of buying creatine and one of the "benefits" was making your muscles look fuller. I was wondering if this non-functional mass would be a problem with basketball and your quickness/ball handling skills. Your thoughts?

Just a thought, if I took creatine while bulking and then when I reached my goal weight could I then drop the creatine which would let the extra water in the muscle cells leave?? I might sound like an idiot but just want to know what you gusy think haha.


Yes you would lose the water weight and you muscle might look flatter. But I heard creatine is really beneficial when cutting or doing fat loss cuz it helps keep your energy and strength up in the gym when your energy levels bottom out from calorie restriction.


as well as keep cells more hydrated which prevents protein breakdown to some degree.


lol non-functional mass?
If used correctly it will make you faster stronger and jump higher in your sport.


haha I didn't really know how to put it, but extra water weight doesn't sound very beneficial lol.


The body is 80% water, the strength you gain from LIFTING and using creatine far outweighs what little water weight you gain from creatine. As I said you will be jumping higher and running faster.

The primary negative from the water weight gain is cramping, secondary is kidney illness(high water retention, less water to go through kidneys concentrating urine). However if you drink plenty of water and sure to lower your dosage after the initial loading phase it's much less likely.