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Creatine and Appearing Bloated?


Does Creatine Monohydrate make you appear bloated? Or does it just add size?


makes me feel a little bloated.


i think it depends on the person....i don't seem to have the same muscular definition when on it, and i feel heavier during sprints.


Standard monohydrate always made me carry water weight so I quit using it. My friend had the same problem. I'd definitely use micronized if I used the mono.

There are other esters which aren't supposed to cause that problem because they store the water more in the muscle cells. I just ordered a few of them to try, purple-k, green magnum, and rich gaspari's size-on. I'm not sure about size-on since it still has monohydrate in it but I just got a sample pack to try superpump too so wont be out much if I dont like it.


i def. feel like i got a lil' Chuck Liddell turtle belly going on... but yet im not convinced by any other creatines. Im about to buy some in bulk so if you guys wanna talk me in CEE im happy to hear.


Thanks for the all the responses!


It also goes away in about 2 days of no creatine. At that point your muscles still look big from the creatine but you lack the bloat. Its pretty cool.