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Creatine and Acne?


i started taking creatine and just barely finished the dosing pd. where i have to take 20g a day for 5 days. but i noticed is that i started get more acne during these 5 days. is this a result of the creatine? sometimes i would mix it w/my protien shake when i was in a rush.

what do you guys think?

ps...now that im done w/20g a day. is it best to take creatine before or after workout?


Even though it does not seem to make any sense, i also see an increase in acne form taking creatine...but you will be fine just get some good body wash.

I prefer to take 5-10g of creatine after i workout with my post-workout drink, but i know a lot of friends who swear by taking it before. Either way i think you will be fine.


Absolutely not.

Doesn't matter.

After, in your post-workout shake. On days you don't lift, take it first thing in the morning with juice or a protein shake, a while before breakfast.


thanks on the feedback guys.


Many believe the loading phase is unecessary. Rather, its best to take 5 grams daily after your workout for optimal results.


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