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Creatine and a Special Workout

Hey guys,
I just got the most insane idea ever. So the idea is that a person is going to workout once every hour doing some bodyweight exercises (pushup varaiations, pullups…) for the whole body while drinking creatine every half and hour. The theory behind the madness is that the muscleswill be pumped and hopefully result in some permanent muscle gains.
The thing is, is this possible or just downright stupid?

The creatine is a stupid idea in my opinion.

Frequent training, however, isn’t.

I dont think you can gain permenant muscle mass, everything gained can be lost.

a regular training program would put on muscle faster than what you just talked about.


I imagine that once your muscles are fully loaded with creatine, they probably can’t uptake anymore (if I’m wrong, feel free to comment). And as I think we’ve all learned over the years is that a good pump doesn’t equate to muscle growth. I’ve seen it too many places to ever think otherwise.

You could try this idea though and see how much muscle you lose by overtraining -lol


Well thanks for the opinon, I guess I’ll just stick with high frequency programs by Chad.

Actually on second thought, w/o the creatine I find this high frequency program somewhat similar to the super accumulation program which makes you train 9 total body workouts in a week. Well if I space out my workouts to every 3 hours, will this super high frequency promote more growth? this is somewhat similar to what Chad Waterbury suggests.

Nahh, you’ll probably just burn yourself out after hitting a plateau. Overtraining is a big thing, man. I did it for years and only recently realized I need to give the body more rest. I realized it after not working out for 5 days and realizing I looked better than when I have the “morning pump”.

(okay, I’m going back to my newbie hole underground)