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Creatine and 1-Kidney


About 4-weeks ago, I had a friend who just started training with me. He is COMPLETELY new to weight training. A few days ago he asked me about if he should start creatine. I have a bulk supply of creatine mono so I figure I could share some with him. But he also brought up the fact that he was BORN with one kidney. It wasn't removed he was born with one kidney and it is oversized. His doctor told him that is does work fine and works just as well as if he had two kidney's.

My question is would it be safe to load him on creatine or give him a normal does or should he see a doctor about taking creatine since he only has one kidney.


probably fine, but you should probably get him to check with a health professional anyway


It might be overly cautious, but if I had 1 kidney, I probably wouldn’t even take protein powder. You don’t NEED any supplements to be successful in the gym.

Donor kidneys only last 15 years.


I don’t think the benefits out weight the risks, especially at this stage of training.