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I was wondering how to take the stuff honestly. I've been looking around at articles for quite some time. Overall I'm divided in how to use it.

1) Only take monohydrate creatine with lots of water pwo. Like 5g with 16 oz of water.

2) Take mono creatine with some sort of simple carb like sugar to help with absorbtion pwo. I've been using this method with my Surge.

Which one of these are true? If with a simple carb source, would this be good to add with something like Surge? Or better to take later with only the suggested water above? Or not with Surge at all, and later with water and some kind of simple carb source like gatorade powder?


i take mine RIGHT after my workout and my cup of Surge, takes advantage of your insulin spike.


Creatine would absorb fantastically if you just throw in 5 g with your PWO Surge.

-The Boomster


Yeah, what they said.


Sorry for asking a dumb question. Thanks for the help.


Not a dumb question. It's better to ask than end up doing it wrong.


There are a couple of articles on here that discuss the use of creatine in good detail. One of the comments made suggested sodium has been found to be the key to maximising creatine absorption post work out. So you may want to consider adding a bit into your PWO shake. I put about 1/10th of a teaspoon. I have heard of guys using about a 1/4 of a teaspoon but that much makes me want to puke when I drink it.