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Creatine Added to Protein


I have recently got a cheaper creatine supplement, its pharmacutical grade I think and tastes like absolute puke.

So I have decided to take my two servings a day in my protein shake to disguise the flavour.

Is there any difference in doing this and just taking it on its own or is it just the same thing basically?


Pure creatine should be pretty much tasteless.


Creatine is flavorless.


Ah damn, anonym beat me to it.


Anytime I add creatine to protein powder I immediately shit my guts out after drinking it. Maybe it's just me.


I've never heard of pharmaceutical-grade creatine.

Are you sure it isn't a scam product?


The stuff smells of nothing but when its in a drink it just gives the drink a horrible acid kind of feeling to it, its hard to describe. I had also expected it to be completely unscented or flavoured but its got a bad hint off it


What's it called? It sounds shady as hell. Creatine + Water should taste and smell like plain water.


In my experience, Creatine Ethyl Ester HCL tasted very acidic and smelled horrible too. I've never tried creatine monohydrate or anything else though.


thats exactly what i was going to say. it tastes a little bit like metal, very bitter. that is probably what it is.


hmm, interesting - I've never had that taste with Monohydrate/EE


You get what you pay for i guess. Creatine is very cheap. Biotest has it for 12.99 how much cheaper can it get.
And it has no flavor on its own.

The Biotest creatine is actually recommended to be mixed with "one or more insulinogenic ingredients, such as essential amino acids, bcaa, whey isolate, or grape juice." So mix away.



Thats it there guys.

yeah you are right it is the ethyl ester one, I didnt even think of making sure it said monohydrate. Guess Ill know for next time.

Anyways this stuff is really hard to get down, so I dont recommend getting it!!


I noticed on the ethyl ester creatine OP described it says "no loading phase required."

On the Biotest creatine monohydrate they do recommend a five day loading.

So whats the deal with loading?



Yeah, I wouldn't recommend it either. It doesn't mix well with anything - the taste is really hard to hide. I got to the point I was just taking a bit and putting it on my tongue and letting it disolve... that way the taste was only for a few seconds and I could wash it down with something afterwards, and not have that awful taste throughout my entire shake.


next time buy Biotest


your fine to take it with the protein.

idk whats up with pharmaceutical grade lol.

And to whoever asked about loading creatine and why there is no loading with the Ethyl Ester it's because there is an ester with that creatine. It allows for no loading.

I personally think it's crap.

Stick with monohydrate and some kind of dextrose, etc.



Why pass up the cheap and very effective Biotest, you say??



Loading is crap, you dont have to do it


I disagree, I find that I get better use out of my monohydrate if I load and reload every 4 weeks or so. Just 4 days at 5 grams higher than maintenance which is 10g a day postworkout.

Imo of course, and everybody is different. I find that if I don't load at all that I feel like I'm taking nothing. With mono I usually notice that I am less sore, muscle is fuller with water, and strength or number of reps increases by a few.