Creatine, a Good Idea?

So, lately I’ve been thinking about creatine supplementation. I’ve been seriously lifting for about 2 years now, and I take Low-Carb Metabolic Drive. I work out every day and take Metabolic Drive before and after each workout. Although I’m very serious about my lifting, I can’t say I’ve experimented with many different supplements. I have read around T-Nation quite a bit though, and it’s where I purchase my Metabolic Drive as well as where I got the information that encouraged me to start taking it. I’m physically small, about 135 lbs and 5’7 (also, I’m only 16), but in very good shape.

I’ve been well aware of creatine for almost as long as I’ve been seriously lifting. A good portion of the guys at my school take it, although I must say I’ve seen fairly limited results among those I know to take it. But, I’ve pretty much concluded that this is because a hefty portion of them simply think they can get jacked up on creatine without touching a weight more than once every other week. I’ve also seen some very good results in other users who work out more often.

But, enough about other people, because I am, honestly, not considering creatine out of envy or anything. I’m very happy with my physical shape right now, and I’m considering creatine because I have personally taken a sort of curious interest in it. Since I definitely don’t want to stop taking Metabolic Drive, as I’ve been very happy with the results it has produced, I’m looking for advice on how I might be able to start using creatine and Metabolic Drive cooperatively.

I’m open to all opinions and comments on whether or not using creatine is advisable, when the best times to use it and Metabolic Drive respectively are when taking both of them, and what exactly the pros and cons of creatine are. Thanks in advance.

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Its creatine thats it. It one of the only proven supps. Aint magic, not roids, not… its creatine yes you can take it With Metabolic Drive just take 1 scoop a day your alll good

Benefits honestly best if you read its all laid out everywhere, much easier for you to do that then any of us re-write a book thats all ready been written 100 times. Even this site alone in sure youll find literally hundreds of articles with info

id also look at no fitness related sites like pub med etc for benefits to other health aspects, cognitive function etc


If you workout every day, load up 20-40 grams a day split into 4 doses, three days a week thats it.

[quote]big balls wrote:
If you workout every day, load up 20-40 grams a day split into 4 doses, three days a week thats it.[/quote]

IMO waste of money, your just making expensive urine but the stuffs pretty cheap now so what ever floats your boat


The only advice you need is to buy micronized and add it to your PWO drink if you use one (and at your height and weight, you should). Don’t overthink the cost, safety, research, blah, blah, blah. You should have used it 2 years ago, man.

Yeah, like I said I take Metabolic Drive both before and after all my workouts. Thanks for the advice, I’m looking at ordering a tub of the German micronized creatine from the T-Nation store.

And just to clarify - pure creatine is relatively flavorless, right? Just for peace of mind I’d like to know that it’s not going to make my delicious chocolate Metabolic Drive taste like crap.

no but you should have a nice sandy texture to it, its ok, I’m 5’ 6 i was at 130 i’ve been taking crea for about 3 weeks… i’m up to 140, could be becuase i eat non-stop, I THOUGHT i was eating enough, but your not till you take 2-3 shits a day.

Take the plunge bro, come join the dark side! Hahahahahha

I seriously am considering myself a genetic freak because creatine only makes me bloat, diminishes my strength by making me puffy thus more lethargic and low-energy.

Creatine does shit to me. I’ve tried several brands.

If you have a problem with your body image being thin then maybe it will work for you psychologically. My problem is that I’m already big and I don’t need the bloat, so a big no-no to creatine.

I can’t understand why a muscle hydrator is so popular. what’s the logic of that?

Puffy → strong ?

In my book puffy → Michelin guy

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