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Created My Own Program

I just started working out and found this site. I assembled a program based off of what I've read by Chad Waterbury's articles about beginning lifting.

I'm looking for approval on the chosen exercises. Any absolutes I should be adding? Anything, I shouldn't be doing? I also had no idea how to order the days so I based it around my soccer schedule. I play Wed. nights and Sunday nights so I wanted to be as fresh as possible for those days. I was planning on doing this exact routine for six weeks then switching up to a west side program I saw that looked very challenging - want/need to build up to that.

I'm pretty skinny (5'10" 165 lbs.) and not all that strong. I can bench my body weight about 3-4 times. And I can do about 10 chinups and 4 pull ups.

Thank you in advance. Program below...

Constants throughout the entire program:

3 sets of 10 reps. Usually by the third set I only do about 7 reps. Rest 70 seconds between sets. And, I do abs (many variations) and some sort of cardio every day except Friday.

Monday - Shoulders

Military Press
Arnold Press
Lateral raises with DB

Tuesday - Chest

Bench Press
DB Incline Press
Butterflies (on machine)
Push-ups until I reach muscle failure at the end of workout

Wednesday - Arms

Bicep Curls (w/ curl bar)
Curls on bicep machine
Chin Ups

Triceps Extension (not sure of the name, cable with rope attached and back to the machine)
Tricep Dips

Thursday - Back (may need some variety here???)

Seated Row (cable)
Seated Row (machine)
Looks like machine for abs but you use lower back
pull ups

Friday - Legs

Lunges (Dumbbells)
Full Squat (Barbell)
Leg Press
Leg Extensions (quads)
Calf Raises
no cardio/abs on this day


Seriously, this is based off of CW's principals?


Try the "sample program" on the article below:

I don't know what you read from CW that inspired you to follow a shitty body part split. :wink:


Yeah, I'm also wondering which principles exactly.

OP: don't do this, find something better. Start w/ a canned program.

Good luck.


i dont get why people on a 5 day split devote 4 of those days to upper body, and only 1 to lower

i dont see a single hamstring exercise, and a pitiful lower back one.... theres basically no posterior chain work, i like to devote one whole day to just the p. chain


this really really really sucks.

try this: forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=998224


Because they are lazy, weak-minded beginners who are afraid of actually pushing themselves in the gym, care only about the 3 muscles they see when looking in the mirror and lack the experience to know that even IF you are only training for aesthetic purposes its still better the devote 50% of your lifting time to 50% of the muscle mass in your body, plus they lack the dedication to take the whole thing seriously and do a proper research.

These are the same people you see 3 month after they first started working out on some shitty super advanced bodypart split whining about inferior genetics and how they are "hard-gainers" and starting to juice because everyone else must be doing it.

I don't understand WHY someone would write his/her own program when there are literally hundreds of real good programs written by professionals for FREE online. Seriously, why even make the effort ?


I don't get how someone got a 5 day split out of anything Chad is likely to have ever said in his life. However I give the guy credit for initiative however misinformed. I'm with Ramo. Find something designed for beginners and do that until you learn some more.

I'm all for self prescription in training, but you need a modicum of experience to build on. Don't get discouraged, we all started somewhere and were all still learning. What you're doing at this point isn't as important as developing sound training habits overall.


Man, belive me I know how nice it feels to have a program writen down and be satisfied with it. But some times you gotta change it for the better.

Try something like this, just a example.

Squats: 4x10
Stiff leg deads: 3x10
Leg Press 5x10
Calf raises: 4x20... I suck at claves so dont listen to me on this.
barbell curl: 4x10

Flat bench: 3x8
Military Press: 3x8
Dips: 3x10
Incline dumbell Press: 3x8
Side laterals: 3x10

Chinups: 3x10
Deadlifts:4x3 warm up 1x5 heavy set
Row: 3-4 x10
Shrugs: 4x10
Rear Delts 4x10

Something like that.... just a idea.