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Crease Lines In Skin

Hi all,

I was wondering if any of you have the same problem as me with that being that whenever I sit down, I get a crease in my abs where my belly button is and this crease extends roughly an inch to 1.5" on each side of my belly button. When I stand up, the skin over my abs is flat (I have pretty good definition) but the area where this skin crease is disappears but still stay slightly red. I suppose this is from fat in the lower portion of my abs but believe me, I am not really fat there. I was wondering why I get this and how I can remove this. I hope I described my problem clearly.


Uh, if your stomach didn’t crease when you sat down, you’d rip when you stood up.

Don’t sit down.

Have you thought about liposuction to remove fat in the actual area - I dont know what it costs or the type of scarring - perhaps someone knows more about it.

If you are ripped when you stand-up, then you have no problem. Even the great Arnold had skin creases. If you can check out some of the shots of him when he appear on Hills of SF.