Crease Between Delt/Pec

I have a crease between my delt and pec on my right side only (picture actually understates the difference). I’m right-handed and spend a fair amount of time working to balance myself out accordingly. However, a modest amount of unilateral exercises, correctives, and static stretching have all failed to improve this crease for the last decade. I’d stop short of calling it a hindrance, but I suspect it has as at least as much impact on function as it does form. Anyone else ever dealt with this and successfully resolved it? Thanks in advance.

Why do you think it would have a impact in function?

It’s a guess - my understanding of physiology / anatomy is limited. Seems hard to imagine that both sides are working correctly if there’s a lack of muscle or excess tension on one side though. I definitely have some weirdness when it comes to things like weighted pull-ups or heavy OHP.

have you ever injured the area? My first inclination would be fat storage related (I always noticed deeper “grooves” between muscle groups when I was leaner), but my second would be some type of tear that you may not have noticed but healed… differently.


Maybe worry about having an anterior deltoid and it will help you feel better.




Can’t recall anything severe enough to cause lasting damage - maybe one remote possibility. Thanks for the thought though

Well there’s a lot more truth to this than first meets the eye. While I’m not a great person to lecture people on building muscle I do know about injuries lol

So a lack of anterior dealt on one side may be due to a lack of mobility or stability/ rotator cuff strength on one side.

I’m not saying it is, but it might be worth running through a few online tests to check your mobility on both sides and rotator cuff strength on both sides.

Just worth a check.

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I’ll give it a look - thanks