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Creapure Creatine


Can anyone tell me which brands use the German CREAPURE for their creatine monohydrate? My understanding is this is the safest and most regulated of all the creatines out there from China, UK, USA and ???. Thanks


I think At Large Nutrition does. Biotest will. This is probably allowed and not advertising for competitors since Biotest's creatine is not out yet.


I have used "Pro Lab" creatine on and off through the years.

I also understand that Biotest will come out with a creatine product soon. When they do I will be first in line for the purchase!




Ultimate Nutrition uses Creapure and its also micronized.


ProLab is the only shit I will buy anymore, until the Biotest stuff comes out that is.


Optimum Nutrition uses it also. I got a huge tub of 5000g for like $40. In my opinion Optimum is one of the better brands out there. My stuff is completely tasteless and you cant even tell you are drinking it.


Thanks everyone. I emailed Dr Squat about his stuff he sells and he said no but lab assays say it's 99.99% pure creatine monohydrate. ???? So, is every company out there saying theirs is pure monohydrate but only from Spain, UK, China or USA and only the German creapure is really really super pure? I'm confused. I'll shut up and lift. Life was easier when isolate, bcaa, casein, glutamine blahblahblah wasn't even in my vocabulary


Amen Brother!!!