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Creapure Creatine Serving Size?

just got my 600g of creatie but no scoop… looking to take about 5-8g a day. wat would rouhgly be equal to this… i was thnking a tea spoon?

also i was reading about taking it with a sugary drink and then drnking a sugary drink about 30 mins later aswell… any advice

Consume it with something high g.i. carb juice like grape juice. Don’t worry about doing that 30 minutes later. Don’t mix it with acidic juice.

8g is about 1.5 teaspoons.

Read the creatine article on this sites store for more info.

have been reading online and they suggest OJ over grape juice. and the acidic thing apparently doesnt matter… (the stomach acid is gonna be far more acidic neway) !!!

Wat about combining it with my potein shake?

I drink it with my protein. Even without the sugar since I’m low carbing. The sugar just lets an insulin spike drive it into the muscle just like a protein

I do 5g pre workout and 5 in my post workout shake.

i was thinking thinking of doing something similiar… im low carbing it atm. was thinking 5g in the morning with breakfast… prob in a shake or in water and the 5g in my PWO shake.

sound good?

thats fine, I do it while low carbing to. Just make sure you stay consistent with its use and your muscles will stay saturated with creatine which is the point

will do… cheers!