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Creams for Stretchmarks?


Since I started lifting, in my fromt shoulders, I've developed a decent amount of stretchmarks there that's really had me down. Very noticable and now when I go to the gym, I wear short sleeve shirts and pull the sleeves up as opposed to tanktops now. Any creams out there to rejuvinate that area?


Any product that treats pregnancy stretch marks.


Don't expect miracles.


Theyll fade out over time. Getting a tan can help.


Stretch marks suck. I know I got em. Fact is if you are getting stretch marks your body is just growing to fast. Consider eating less and not being so concerned with packing on muscle as fast as possible. Less gains, but you will look better with your shirt off in the end.


Show me 1 guy who got big without getting some stretch marks which with time no one will notice?


Don't agree with getting a tan helping! When i got a tan, all the skin around the stretch marks tanned, but the stretch marks did get tanned as their different to skin, and so, became more obvious.


This product by VirginVie did the trick for me - therapyspa Nip & Tuck Contouring Body Gel. It came with a money back guarantee which I didn't have to use because it worked!
Good luck with it


^ Where can you buy that stuff?


Uh, if you're having a problem w/ too many stretch marks can I see your program...I mean seriously are you the guy who uses gloves so he doesn't get callouses. Stretchmarks are a price you pay for huge growth, accept it and love it, I know I do.


They're all bogus...


^ lol Yes I use gloves because better grip gives an edge. But really, their not appealing to me or women in general. I don't want them.


My ribbons of glory...




I hope you where joking about the gloves comment.... Did you seriously say earlier you stopped wearing tank tops because your stretch marks make you insecure or something?

Seriously no women has ever told me the stretch marks on my arms,shoulders,back,lats, etc are not appealing, lots thought they where kind of cool actually.

EVERY guy who has gained a good amount of size has stretchmarks. You just can't tell because, they are tan, you are not looking at them under a microscope! they fade and are basically unnoticeable over time.


There's a similar thread in the Muscle Sorority... in any case, nothing works but time. Don't go for any product that tells you otherwise, and as an added bonus, you also can not spot reduce, though there are plenty of products marketed to help you do that too.


An ex-girlfriend of my used Palmers used palmers cocoa butter to get rid of pregnancy stretch marks and she swears by it. It can be gotten at any local drugstore and some grocery stores.


Agreed. Stretchmarks are a sign that you're growing and doing something correct, and they should be the least of your worries.

I got stretch marks on my biceps', shoulders, pecs, thighs, etc,
but it doesn't worry be at all, I'd be more worried if I never got any.


Nice comments. :smiley: Well I did gain some SERIOUS size in a short amount of time, but I wasn't informed of stretchmarks beforehand or I would've used some cream. I think I'll go back to the tanktops now. But I don't want them to get any longer because a few weeks ago, I noticed that they were.


As long as the stretch marks are from gaining muscle and not from getting fat, they're fine.