Cream with Injections

Has anyone tried to run a low dose cypinate with daily compounded cream?

I’m prescribed 182mg test c per week and 1 click of t cream per day

What concentration, 200mg/ml? So 50mg a day of cream?

Some have. 1 click will add a good 15-20ng of free t and 100 DHT. Give or take.

I would take 150mg cypionate and 1 click a day or up to 200 depending on my specific response to these hormones.

The cream kicks ass on the libido department.

Yes. As per doctors orders due to low dht.

I inject 26mg daily, 1 click of cream daily

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10 mg prop per day with 1ml 50mg/ml cream per day. As already mentioned, cream → DHT → libido.

Before getting defy I was injecting masteron for dht instead of cream, god i’ve never shed this much in my life

Thanks for the info guys. I’ve tried the scrotal made me a little to aggressive for the first half of the day and made my hair shed like crazy. Although it was nice to only use a tiny bit of cream. Libido was ok not to crazy. I since have been running cream on the shoulders and chest twice a day and a little AI E4D and feel great most of the week but no libido. So was brainstorming with a new idea to use injections and cream to try to find a good daily balance. Hormones are a tricky bitch. When they are right…amazing results. When off. Well you all know.

One other question. If any guys have made a switch from cream back to only injections did you find a transition that minimized the time to steady state?
Maybe inject Monday and Thursday and taper cream down while the cyp half lives stack up?

I’m curious about that too. I’m probably switching back to injections in the next few weeks.

I would think you’d want to continue your creams when you first start injections for 2-3 weeks as levels of the cyp start to build up

I wish I could be more help as I am not sensitive to fluctuations as some are. Personally though when I moved from a cream to injections I noticed no difference except for a gradual decline because my starting dose with injections was a little low. I would think my daily injections probably helped with that transition. May have been a different story with a 2x or 3x a week injection schedule.

Thanks Rise… here is something you can’answer what positive or negative things did you notice from a cream protocol to an injection protocol

Someone in our group who takes cream had the same issues and started applying back of knees and top of feet. It works well. Not as effective in the sack, but it raises levels well and DHT is higher than injections.

If libido is off I would inject daily and take 1 click am on the scrotum. Or formulate the click so it’s 25mg and apply once daily.

You need to get labs run and see where levels are at.

Also was your libido ok before trt or has it always been jacked? Make sure you aren’t forcing it and watching porn often: that can give any man ED on or off trt. The mind is a powerful thing and porn ruins the sex life of men.

To me injections are more convenient in the fact that it doesnt matter what I do after injecting I dont have to worry about it washing or rubbing off. Some say it doesn’t matter and dries quick enough but didnt trust it.

As for how I feel, not a lot different. Did not affect libido or anything. I want to say I feel steadier through the day but may be in my head. I kind of felt the cream would wear off towards the end of the day and I refused to apply twice a day as I already felt it was inconvenient.

What I’m searching for is a certain balance that comes and goes. I would describe it as “dialed in” it’s a nice sense of well being full of gratitude for life and relationships and moderate libido towards my wife. It seems to happen as my estrogen begins to escalate towards the upper range of my tolerance. The problem arises once it gets past the sweet spot. Then I need a small AI which then changes balance and takes a few days to balance out. I realize there is to much involved in all this to stay in the pocket always but the price of hormones and the bloodwork and life interruption… I believe if it’s out there-I’ll find it!
I’m currently doing 25mg AM and PM scrotal only. It’s only been a few days so nothing to report yet. But my next move after the new year will be to go back to injections twice a week… start low and go up slowly giving time to adjust between changes of 15mg per change. I feel great compared to my low T state of mind. Depression so severe I was ready to leave the planet but now I have zero depression and I can eat whatever I want without weight gain and my mind is pretty stable. All in all worth all the trials and tribulations.

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Good it’s better man I like hearing that. It takes time for this to come together. I started December 2018. Every 3-4 months I feel better and better. Towards the end of year 1 my libido and erection strength got even better. You gotta find a dose and stick to it. Fluctuating the dose too much causes too many ups and downs; and that puts you in limbo or no mans land. 50mg a day isn’t going to raise T that high. You should just inject and get free t into the 20-25 range and stay there for a good year. Change it only after you’ve given it months. If you are still not improving in specific areas you can try a little more.

Don’t forget that this doesn’t make us super human/ we will have bad days and even weeks at times. Our mood and libido will come and go. Regardless the majority of your life on trt will be spent in the positive zone of libido and mood. I hope that’s how you are looking at it and not looking map perfection. Otherwise it is doomed for failure.

I highly suggest getting on injections and just drop the cream. Don’t over complicate it and sit back and enjoy.

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