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Cream, Orals, or Injections HRT

Which one of these is the best one to take for HRT treatment?

Depends on:

insurance or not - injections are least cost
needle phobia - injections vs transdermals
hCG injections - see above
transdermal absorption - can change
thyroid problems - making above not possible
steady levels - how often will you inject

Inability to absorb transdermals is a symptom of hypothyroidism.

For some, transdermals to not fit with training, sweating and showering.

Compounded T creams can be cheaper than brand name gels. Also can work better. New high %T creams applied to smaller surface areas create less E than gels.

Transdermals create more DHT which explains higher libido lift compared to injections.

With injections, what you inject is absolutely what you get. Transdermal delivery rates are highly variable. Injections can get you to a high-normal rate very quickly. Transdermals can require multiple labs and dose changes to get “dialed in”.

To get steady T levels with injections, one needs to inject twice a week or more often. If injecting hCG, that is best done every other day. Some inject T EOD to keep things simple. With EOD injections, one can [oral] dose anastrozole at the same time as EOD is also ideal for anastrozole.