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Cream or Oral Testosterone


Ok to start off my brother is 29 years old will be 30 in August (7 years older than me) and he really wants some test to help with his workouts. He doesn't want anything else just something to help with his Test levels. Now the problem is he doesn't like needles at all for some reason.

I told him that I took Test Prop 1ml EOD for a month and it was just fine and it barely hurt at all (contrary to the pain alot of people complain about). I also took it in each shoulder, dont know if that matters at all.

Anyways he refuses to use a needle so my question is this: Is there any other form of Testosterone that comes in an oral or a cream or anything at all like that? Be it Legit stuff from GNC or Gear or anything at all?

Thanks for all the help.


Just curious, but what was the mg/ml of the Prop? 50mg/ml? That would put you just under 200mg per week. What were your gains at that level?


I think it was 100mg/ml. At the time I was taking it I stacked it with Anadrol_50 for 14 days and I got noticablly stronger. Although it was my first cycle and I was totally ignorant of steroids at the time, I was just pressured to take them by my trainer who just happens to be a WR holder in the squat, so I trusted him.
Needless to say I don't work with him anymore. I'm not sure what my gains where because I was being trained (i.e. I just did what he said everyday) However I did notice that I looked bigger and what was hard during the beginning of my cycle was almost too easy at the end.

I'll answer more questions if this doesn't cover everything.