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Cream/oil for scars and stretch-marks ?

Any info appreciated, - my gf wants to get some but doesnt know what actually works…neither do I…

Scar tissue is scar tissue, its pretty much strong skin, and stretch marks are ripped collagen fibers. shit you can do about it. I was talking to my dermatologist the other day and he said something about collagen growing back but i think i may have misheard him… But yeah man, ive been squtting heavy and my legs are blowing up and just getting these huge stretch marks on my thighs man…

I’ve heard that cocoa butter can help prevent them… but quite frankly I think that any type of cream or lotion that will keep your skin hydrated could potentially help avoid them. But once you get them… you’ve got 'em for life. They may shrink or look less silvery over time, but they won’t go away without surgery.

My 2 cents.

I use Vitamin E cream for stretch marks. It seems to reduce the apperance of them.

Dont waste your money, nothing you can do for them. Time may do a little to make them less visible. Other than that wear them with pride.

There is dermatologist treatment for them… but it is hideously expensive.

I always thought this was a scam or something but after using it for two months (for free thanks to a friend) i must say my acne scars are very less visible.