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Cream of Flax

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to share with you what I think is a great product.
Its called Cream of Flax from Gram?s Gourmet. Its supposed to be for low carb dieters, but I read the nutrition facts and they were great:
1/2 cup dry:
total fat 5.17g
sat fat .7g
Total carb 11g
dietary fiber 8g
sugars 1g
protein 18g

Very nice, I thought.
Then I went on to read the ingredients.
To my surprise, the first ingredient was whey protein concentrate, here it goes:
Ingredients: Whey protein concentrate, Golden Flaxseed meal, Wheat bran, Oat Fiber, Freeze dried coconut, natural flavors, salt.

They come in Vanilla almond and Cinnamon Toast flavors.

This is, I think, A great tool for me, since here in Panama I have never found any type of Flax product, and now I can add it to my diet.
I was also feeling I needed faster-acting proteins in the morning to halt catabolism immediately and turn me anabolic(whey).
I used to be having oatmeal with milk in the morning, but have gotten many reccomendations to cut on milk, because of the high II, lactose, blah blah blah, plus it doesnt gives me much fast acting proteins.
Sometimes I treat myself with some Grow! in my oatmeal, but try to limit this pleasure because I dont want my mom to think this weight lifting stuff is going to kill her pocket.

So, what do you think of this new tool I found as part of a complete breakfast?

I believe a good breakfast would be 1/2 cup Flax meal with 1 large banana (fast acting, anabolic proteins and Flax) 1 cup cottage cheese( slow absorbing, anti-catabolic proteins)with 1 cup blueberries.

Please review the nutrition facts of these product and its ingredients and tell me if its any good.



Kill her pocket? oatmeal is like 89 cents here for a giant store brand thing of non-rolled oats(the 1minute/instant/rolled stuff is more expensive)
And classic grow is .43 cents a scoop? (Low carb grow is .72 cents) in US dollars
not including shipping of course
Sounds like the cheapest meal I’ve ever had. Now only if I could get my dates to eat it (chuckle)

Neva, I’m pretty sure he was talking about the Grow protein. LOL.
On the same topic, I can’t believe your mom buys your Grow protein powder! You should be very grateful.

Uh, he said Grow! I said grow… I just didnt type it Grow!

Did I miss something?

Rollus how much are you paying for this stuff. You do realize that all the ingredients are dirt cheap and could all, excluding the GROW!! (which I am sure would be a considerably superior protein to what Gram is using)could all be ordered over the net in bulk.

With Grow included you could mix up your own, - shipping, and it would run you roughly $30 for 6 lbs. That is a lot of Creamy flaxy what not, made with the highest quality ingredients, not the whey swept off the floor after they are done packing there MRP’s.

Just a little advice, not trying to flame you.

Hope it helps, n

Well, I just thought it was a better choice than oatmeal and milk since this is the only product i can find with flax in it, it has a decent ammount of protein(not the best, but it ain’t crap either, hey this isnt my pwo shake)
it isnt high in the II like milk is, and my mom doesnt relate this as a supplement expense. This is weird i know, vut thats the way she sees it.
And yes, I?m very grateful with my mom, I love her! :slight_smile:
She even joined me in my new gym and im giving her advice for weight loss. She isnt obese, just wants to lose a few extra pounds.
She thinks its great that Im getting health conscious at a young age and she loves the idea that im learning so much.

Thank you for your replies,


This doesnt mean I dont prefer Grow! though.
I love some LC chocolate Grow! with my oatmeal, it tastes great, its just that im limiting my Grow intake to around 3 servings of Grow! a week so my mom doesmt have to spend so much money on me so often. If it were for me, I would use Grow! every single day, but she already told me how long my last order had to last before she would buy me more.




Like I said man I wasnt flaming you just trying to help.:slight_smile:

By going the route I said I suspect your mom would actually save money.

But I undestand wher you are coming from, do what you got to man. Also you better go NOW and give your mom a big hug for all she is helping you with.


I googled…

Cheapest I found Cream of Flax was 6.49 (next 5 or so were 7.19) for 14oz.


I buy organic, ORGANIC, oats for not more than 80 cents a pound. Low Carb Grow is equally cheap. Thats breakfast each morning for $1.50.

Use the savings to buy Flax seed oil.