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Cream Of Coconut


i just bought a can of goya cream of coconut. in a 15 ounce can there is an unbelievable 1680 calories. is it safe to drink this for bulking? i know it is mostly fat but i am a 17 year old who could use a little fat. what sort of side effects does the consumption of that many saturated fats ential? i would only drink one can a week and i eat pretty clean most of the time.


If you're bulking,drink it.
Coconut cream is VERY healthy for you.
Why not make a smoothie with it and put in some milk and/or a vanilla protein shake?


Coconut oil has these interesting fats called medium chain triglycerides (MCT), which burn as fast as some carbohydrates.

Also, "MCT's, due to their medium chain length, are easily oxidized by skeletal muscle. This is due to the fact that MCT's are quickly and easily transported to the fat furnace, the mitochondrion. As a result, research (Hill et al 1989) has demonstrated that TEF (thermogenic effect) with MCTs is double that of other fats, making it comparable to protein in this regard."

There's a lot more information about medium chain triglycerides on this website, available by search. Good luck.


saturated fat makes up about 30% of my calories (and 60% total fat) -- I know I know, my carbs are only 10% but this is what works best for me. My diet consists of alot of Creamed Coconut, Coconut Oil, and high quality Coconut Milk (the REAL stuff that turns to thick whipped cream in the fridge, not the watery crap). I LOVE it.