Cream Cheese Every Day?

Hi everyone

I’m working on muscle gain, can I eat a whole pack of Philadelphia Garlic & Herbs Soft Cheese everyday along with my rice and chicken? That’s 170g of the stuff a day?

Is it ok? it healthy?

I’m 5’6", 74kg and I’m planning to eat 500g chicken breast a day

Has your chicken had a chloride bath? Is your rice processed and what nutrition does is offer other than raising your blood sugar?

I don’t know if my the chicken has chloride, what’s that? how do i find out? I get it from the butcher in town

I don’t know if my rice is processed, its just the normal white basmati rice

I don’t know about that, I was hoping you guys can inform/advice, The cream cheese is really tasty.

That’s the one

My question is why cream cheese? I love some on banana bread or a bagel, but otherwise, I can think of tons of other foods I’d rather eat whole packets of daily. What made you choose this?

Also, I’m gonna guess it’s not a very healthy choice.


He was probably saying, if you eat only chicken and rice, it is NOT healthy, so who cares about some Philadelphia.

Why? I know the traditional bodybuilding imagery has put chicken and rice on a pedestal but it simply lacks so much stuff. Basically chicken and rice are plain, they have pretty much nothing else than prots for the chicken, and carbs for the rice. No fibers, no vitamins, no healthy fats etc

So you would be very smart, even when bulking, to incorporate fruits, vegetables, as well as a mix of fats (steak and nuts for the less healthy; avocado, salmon, fish oils etc for the healthy)


Looking at the ingredient list it seems okay!

Medium Fat Soft Cheese, Garlic (1.3%), Salt, Herbs, Stabilisers (Locust Bean Gum, Carrageenan), Acid (Citric Acid).

But personally I wouldn’t have an entire packet all day.

I hope OP is eating a more varied diet and maybe I just interpreted it through a certain lens but I’d say the jury is still out as to whether or not OP is asking if it’s okay to eat Philadelphia together with his rice and chicken (which could just be a meal) or if that’s all he’s subsiding on. @layman you are eating other stuff too, right? If not, do!


I don’t follow (nuts). Nuts are a good sources of micronutrients and monounsaturated fats. Obviously, some moderation should be practiced (variety is king) but 30g per day would probably be fine for most. But, if I’m missing something please elaborate.

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Yeah I would probably not eat one packet a day either.

I’m very blunt because I know some people that for real, eat only chicken, rice, plain tuna and stuff like that.

Being very general here as nuts usually have saturated fats as well but honestly you need a bit of those as well, and nuts are very caloric.

But I love nuts. All the way!

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I have no interest in putting Philadelphia Garlic & Herbs on banana bread.


Yeah I wouldn’t do a flavored kind, just plain. That’d be gross.

You would never know folks were cooped up all day struggling to find interesting stuff to post about!!!


Put it on some bagels with that chicken.

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Are you trolling? Or is this for real?

I don’t do trolling, mate. Just trying to make a point about food choice validity.

Right, must make a major difference in their macronutrients

Hi everyone

I do eat fruit, veg and other things along with the rice and chicken

I have trouble eating dry foods and I struggle with plain rice even if I’m hungry, that’s why I was putting the philadelphia on the rice, it makes it much easier for me to finish the rice.

I was wondering if the philadelphia has healthy fats and if it is a healthy addition to my diet as I don’t think I eat enough calories…

I was worried about fat gain but since I’ve been eating the philadelphia I have noticed more mucle gain and my physique has improved but maybe that’s down to the extra calories and good HIT workouts or maybe it’s completely unrelated

I have started putting kefir yogurt on the rice half the time now


No, I wouldn’t call the fatty acid profile healthy… way too heavy on the omega-6 fats. As others have mentioned, why not fatty meats like grass-fed beef or oily fish like mackerel?


Kefir Yogurt on rice sounds great. A lotta South Indians, who are often vegetarian, do yogurt with rice.


I really like a cup of yogurt in a bowl of rice, chilled in the fridge overnight.


Hmmm I gotta try that.

I was getting tired of scrambled eggs, so I started mixing in cottage cheese. 2 eggs, 1/2 cup egg whites, and cottage cheese was making me hit 40g protein right there.