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Crazy Workout?

Hello all, im new to the site and only been working out a few months. My friends think im crazy but i can not take days off. im training to join the marines and i love working out. i was in shape in highschool and lost track and gained weight, now im training again and progressing fast. my question is what is really wrong with working out every day? im not all that sore and i stretch alot so no injury. i do all my weights every day plus an hour of cardio. i understand people say to take days off but if not to prevent injury the for what reason? just want to make sure im not doing something really bad, i love working out and i want to do it every day. look forward to responces and thanks everyone for your time :slight_smile: great to be with the site learning alot.

Just read another post about working out everyday. sorry to post about it again, didnt see the other. I dont feel like i overwork myself and i dont hurt myself. same workout everyday same weight. if i feel tired when i start ill back off enough so i feel normal. im making great progress im just looking for input to see if anyone thinks i should change? thanks again for your time :slight_smile:

You’re joining the Marines? You better be running. Also be able to do 20 deadhang pullups if you can.

Anyway, to your question…If you are working out every body part 7 days a week, then in my opinion, you arn’t working out hard enough. Cut it back to 3 total body workouts a week which will allow you to up your intensity and give your body time to recover. I work out every other day and don’t go to failure and I still feel like a train wreck half the time.
Chad Waterbury has written some articles on frequency of training on this site. Read them. Good luck with the Corps.


By the way, post your workouts. I’m curious.

Thanks, ill check em out. i work out pretty hard but spend lots of time in the sauna(think thats how its spelled) stretching and relaxing drink alot of water. i recover pretty fast. only free weights i do however are bench press, curls and shoulder press then hit about 10 machines to do everything else. on machines 4 sets of 12 cut back a little if it hurts. 6 sets of 8 bench press, 4 sets of 10 should press and as many curls as i can handle lol. i do my hour of cardio and am working my way up each day to running more. cuttting back on lower body exercises and leaving it to running to keep me lean lower body and just doing alot of upper body weight lifting. still feel a little weak but progressing quickly. Thanks again for your reply

When do you go to boot camp? What EXACTLY are your goals? What is your height/weight?
Read “Arizona Muscle” on the main page. Notice the top 8 exercises. Learn them. Try to get off the machines. You won’t be doing much lifting in boot camp. You MAY do a circut course in PT but I only did that once.
Ballence out your bench press with barbell rows. DO PULLUPS. Depending on when you’re going to boot camp you might want to keep doing lower body lifts. Screw curls. You’ll build biceps by doing pullups. Read Chad Waterbury’s “TBT” (Total Body Training). It’s a good workout.


ducks to avoid hell storm this workout will generate

Seriously though you need to revamp your workout, I’m a fan of TBT personally but there are a ton of great programs out there. Check out Vroom’s excellent thread to help get you started.



All im looking for is strong upper body, and endurance. Like i said ive fallen far sense high school i cannot do a pullup right now, working my way back up. Plan to get off machines before long, working threw my muscle memory and getting closer to where i use to be before i stoped working out. read all the beginner stuff. starting my diet now. spend several hours a day at the gym and plan to add swimming laps in a month or so. My goal in the service will be infantry and after basic i plan to go recon (wish me luck). When i trained in highschool it was with ROTC and we did basic pushups, pullups and situps and ran every day with just weekends off. dont wanna start some huge post or nothing just wanna know what it hurts to workout everyday. but love the advice very useful. thanks again everyone.

I’m a Marine in Iraq right now and am glad to be able to help you. Boot camp will require alot of endurance from you. I haven’t been lifting weights for about three years but instead have followed a program of calisthenics only (i.e. pushups, pullups, dips, bodyweight squats, bridging, etc.) These are the exercises you need to be doing if you want to have a good headstart at boot camp. By no means am I suggesting that you should drop the weights, but it makes sense to train using your bodyweight if that’s mainly what you’ll be using as a source of resistance at recruit training. Also, notice that the Marine Corps Physical Fitness Test doesn’t test you using weights.

As for the frequency of your workouts, think about how animals in the wild are. They are constantly moving around, climbing, running, crawling, etc. They don’t separate their training by body parts. You need to be the same way. What this basically means is that you should do SOMETHING everyday. But you need to make sure you stagger the intensity of your workouts. Don’t expect to be able to go all out every day of the week. And, on some days, if your body is telling you that it needs rest, listen to it.

Anyway, I’d be happy to answer any questions you’d have on working out, the Marine Corps, or fitness in general. You can PM meif you’ve got anything on your mind you’d like to ask me. Good luck preparing for recruit training.