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Crazy Stuff! Oly Lifting & Speed


I have basically been olympic lifting all winter and have gained some weight, mostly fat. Anyway, yesterday I decided to do some sprints so my buddy and I went out to the football field and ran about 20 sprints. Usually my friend beats me by about half a second when running the 40, but now I'm beating him. So I told him to clock my forty. I usually run about 6 or 6.2 when I weigh about 280, I weigh about 300 now. So he times me and he says I ran a 5.55. He clocks me again and says I ran a 5.4. Just wanted to post because I think that olympic lifting has drastically improved my speed and quickness. I am now just getting really serious about oly lifting and just wanted to share my experience.


Awesome. I've noticed that I can jump farther since I started developing my deadlift. There's a ditch near my house and I used to have to get a running start to get over it. Now I just bunny hop right across. It's nice to see an extra benefit to all of this mosochism.


That's mAsochism. :wink:



you a big boy.



I'm trying to play college football. If I drop some fat, between 20-30 pounds I'll improve my forty even more. If I can get anywhere near a 5 flat I'll probably get some attention at recruiting camps such as the Nike camps.


Good work. Keep using the same buddy to do the timing and tell him to strive for consistancy with starting and stopping the watch.

I'm sure the OLs had a beneficial impact in your times. It's hard to beat them. Try some interval sprints for losing that 20-30 lbs. 20-40 yd. intervals should be just fine for football. Longer is not necessary. Faster is necessary. See how fast you can flip a tire for 40 yds. That's just for fun, not training.



If you want to be recruited, you should figure out which colleges you want to play for and look into their individual football camps. A lot of universities use their camps to find potential recruits. Keep your goals realistic though. If you are not DI material, then don't expect to get a DI scholarship.


Great stuff, you've just reminded me to time myself on some sprints to see if O-lifting improves my own times.

I remember I read on a thread here at T-Nation that top level O-lifters, or at least the ones in the lighter weight classes, could keep up with top level sprinters for about 30-40 yards because of their explosiveness before the sprinter's technique and the ability to hold speed takes over, so it's not surprising you have improved your times.