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Crazy Storms!!!


Any other T-Nations from Alabama or Tennessee that got royally fucked by this massive hail storm? By far the most impressive storm I've ever seen and it lasted all of 15 minutes. Hail stones about the size of a fist wrecked havoc in my area. Cars are destroyed, windows busted out of buildings, it sucks. My poor mustang has 4 holes in the convertible top, windshield is totally shattered and dents all over the place :frowning: A tornado touched down at the hospital right around the corner from my apartment and there was so much rainfall in less than half an hour a guy was able to jet ski down the road by my apartment.

Anyone else here sit through this? Was pretty intense. Especially since I was taking a nap when it started and thought my building was coming down.

Look at the size of this hail!


15 minutes of intense rainfall=Lake substitute? haha. Yup, that's a guy riding a Jet Ski on the road...


Drove through Toronto this afternoon and got hit with the hardest rainfall I've experienced in my life. I'm talking monsoon season in Bangladesh rainfall. The whole highway came to a complete stop as you literally couldn't see 10 feet in front of you - pretty scary. The weather report said it was just the tail-end of what the States got hit with.


Hope you hillbillies are alright. Some crazy ass shit going on there.


We had a tornado come close by the law school couple weeks ago (Mississippi), my family had a tornado pass right over their house (central Arkansas) and my gf has had to dive for cover more than once (northwest Arkansas). The South is getting fucked by storms right now man.

The Mississippi tornado...


At about 30-45 sec. I am assuming those were exploding powerlines??? Fuck all that noise. Oh, and those hail stones are nuts. I would have hated to be caught outside when those bastards started falling.


My GF lives in oxford and said there was tons of damage, some of the buildings on campus got hit, peoples houses destroyed, damage pretty much all over town.


AHAHAHA! Amazing!


I've been lucky enough to miss the tornadoes, but the flooding around my area (NE AR, SE MO) is worse than I've ever seen it. I was sitting on my porch Tuesday night and lightning hit the light pole in my front yard, that was pretty intense.


We've gotten rainfall that rivals the Great Flood up here in Lexington, but seeing what's hit you boys in the deep South puts it in perspective. I can't ever remember this much tornadic activity in an entire year, let alone what's happened in the past few weeks.


My parents in Alabama are okay, but they have a lot of friends who lost houses and chicken coops and chickens.


Ya I initially clicked on the thread thinking I'd talk about how bad the monsoon season spring has been so far for us in the midwest, but my car has a windshield and no dents so I can't complain anymore I guess.


My landlady knows some people who have died there, Tuscaloosa got hammered


Yeah, the rents along with most of northern Alabama are without power, probably until next week.

I was supposed to be going to Huntsville for a birthday dinner but the city is apparently pretty much shut down.


To clarify for the city folks out there, the coops I was talking about are big huge ones with thousands of chickens that these people make their living off of.


Funny how this is relatively quiet on the international news scene... Katrina was a world wide news event that went on for weeks, this seems to be widespread destruction on levels not seen for a long time I would imagine, if not then presumably not ever seen...


HAHA at the jetski. only down south.


My poor car :cry:

There's also about 7 slashes in the soft top with one golf ball sized hole. Dozens and dozens of tiny dents all over the body :frowning:

My insurance allows for a rental car but every rental company is sold out of cars already, lol.


That storm was crazy! Way, I work right off Western Ave. and we had decent size hail there. 2 miles up the road, nothing. Later that night at home, in Sevierville, we didn't get the first drop of anything until bout 12:30. And it was fast and furious. Woke me out of a dead sleep. Thankfully the cars are in the garage. Crazy!


Some of you should experience the Spring season here in Oklahoma. Shit like this happens all the time.