Crazy Results! Possible?

I have a friend who claims that he just started lifting and in 2 weeks gained like 50 lbs on his lifts. I’m just curious if anyone thinks that is possible or if you think he’s totally b/sing? Thanks.

Sure very possible what lift??

Hard to say because you didn’t include any details. Are you referring to 50 pounds on an individual lift, or 50 pounds added to the total of a variety of lifts?

When one first starts lifting the body really isn’t very coordinated. It works inefficiently, not utilizing all the muscle and not coordinating the activity of the various muscles well. At first one will gain strength quickly because they are learning to use the muscles efficiently.

50lbs sounds like a lot, but when i first started lifting i would add around 10lbs a week on bench. all in all, i would say that’s about right for squats and DL’s for a total newbie

It’s possible he could have. If he’s a beginner, he might not be lifting his true maximum, but maybe he feels that’s all he can lift. Then in two weeks, he’s really pushing his maximum lift. So it goes from one end of the spectrum to the other, so it’s possible.

Yep, in the beginning the nervous system catching up will give nice gains. If the guy starts very low from his “real maxes” (determined more by actual muscle strength, instead of nervous system adaptation), he’ll see loads of improvement. I did too.

i agree with the above posters. Originally in the gym i used to do the isolation machine weights (like leg press etc.). When i started to learn how to properly train i moved onto free weight squats.

Obviously the movement at first was different to me so the weight was minimal but after a few weeks having got used to the movement i made huge increases in the weight i squatted as my potential lift was not met as i didnt have the technique satisfied yet!

So yes it is possible. However matured trainers are very unlikely to be pumping this much unless they have been seriously slacking before hand!