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Crazy PWO Hunger


I'm new to proper nutrition and, I have to admit, even to proper training. But I'm learning fast.

So, I will probably purchase Surge and experiment with it. But until then, I'm doing the next best thing: just swallow up a scoop of whey protein plus some simple carbs immediately after the work-out.

And here's my question:
Pretty much every time I do this (take the post-workout protein/carbs combo), approx. two hours after that, I'm overwhelmed by the mother of all cravings for food! I feel I could literally bite into a living pig and swallow it raw.
Why? What's the cause? Should I follow my craving and stuff myself up?

I'm still pretty scrawny, hard-gainer, not an ounce of fat and it seems I can do anything and my body fat percentage won't increase.
So stuffing my face is probably not going to hurt me. But I'm still puzzled by the effect of the post-workout protein/carbs combo - a double puzzle if you think that I'm borderline anorexic!

If I don't take the post-workout combo, I am a little bit hungry, due to all the effort and whatnot, but it's nothing like the bestial hunger triggered by the combo.
If I take the combo at any other time, nothing happens out of the ordinary.

Any hint at an explanation is greatly appreciated.


Have carbs and protein before you work out. Again, after. Again, 1 hour after. These last two should be liquid. Then have a solid meal 1-2 hours after (whenever you get hungry).


yeah, the shake afterwards is pretty much used for immediate recovery rather than a meal. i'm the same way if i don't get some actual food a couple hours later. take your shake, then fix up something nice and balanced for later.


Are you trying to gain weight? If so, go ahead and eat that pig...for an appetizer.

We will squash that "hard gainer" mentality in a few weeks. Keep a FOOD LOG for 2 weeks... PLEASE. Track every single calorie that enters your mouth. If you aren't hitting at least 3,000 we'll know why its been so hard to gain!



Well, here's the thing:
I could never eat too much. If I do, I tend to get sick - strangely, I don't throw up or anything, but rather catch a cold, feel "stuffed", things like that.

I'm 36 but I look younger, I pass all physical exams with flying colors, enjoy a very good health, so I figured I must be doing something right, right?

Anyway, it will not be too difficult to eat a lot, now that I figured this trick with the PWO combo. I'll milk it for all its worth and we'll see where it takes me.


don't worry about the PWO window so much, just know that you need to eat sugary carbs and protein.

It sounds to me like you WANT to put on mass, if not disregard everything I am about to say.

Read around a little bit on the site. If you want to get bigger, you need to eat bigger. Eating a good amount of food will eventually become commonplace and won't make you sick after a while.

"Where there's a will there's a way"


OK, I think I've found the cause:


It's probably just the sugar levels dropping way down one hour post-Surge. David Barr recommends to "sip simple carb containing beverage like grape juice or sugar water" 25 minutes PWO, which makes sense to me now.



Your hungry out of fuel. Take the Surge and 45-60 mins later EAT.