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Crazy Pain After Pin on Sunday

So I pinned 1ml Test E 250 on Sunday night. I used a ⅝" 25ga needle. Cleaned and prepped everything, then injected my outer thigh. Everything was good until Monday night/ Tuesday morning. Then my leg started killing me. This is a picture from Wednesday morning.

This is today

Did I possibly fuck something up, or is this just bad tissue irritation. It’s warm and swollen about the size of my hand. It’s firm, so I don’t think it’s infection. Any input is appreciated.

I get this when I do not go deep enough after the needle comes out slightly in my shoulders (Find it hard to reach around these days!)

It is where you have not injected deep enough or have injected too quickly and the oil is sitting to high up in between skin and muscle.

I have done many a cycle and I am currently putting up with this on my right delt!

Dont worry, very rare for any infection etc if everything is swabbed.

So… If you use an orange pin I wouldnt pin anything over 1ml with it… If you are getting it with 1ml then bump up to a 1 incher and inject more slowly.

I’m going up to 1 inch from now on for my quads. I pinned with the ⅝ again today, but went higher.

quad pins always brutalise me

I can’t really twist around to get my glutes, and the wife doesn’t want to do it, so I’m stuck with the quads.

shoulders? A slin pin in the lateral delt works a charm

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I’m still trying to figure the whole slim pin thing out. When I hear that, I think about my wife’s twist up style pins. If I could take those and use them, that would be awesome.

I mostly do quads, nice and neat with no shakin and have never hit anything. Should be pinning abit higher up towards the hip so it’s nice and central…it looks like you are abit far down towards the knee from the photo… And right in the side, alot of people, including myself, first think a quad shot is on top of the quad lol.

I’ve been told about hand width down from the hip. So I’m gonna do that and with 1" needle.

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This is literally the most annoying pain I’ve ever had. It just keeps dropping lower and lower. Now my knee is swollen on the top, outside, and back. 5 days down, hopefully only a few more left. I’ve been using voltaren gel and Motrin. It helps, but damn this sucks.

I’m pretty sure this is an infection.

Agreed brother. That doesnt look too good.

With that said, my wife has started pinching the muscle together on my quads before she inserts the needle (23g 1") and that really seems to help. Not sure if it causes it be be deeper but you might try it on the next one.

My nerves got the best of me and I came to the ER. They diagnosed it as cellulitis and pushed some antibiotics, then sent me for a CT scan. Not sure why they did the CT scan, but I’m sure I’ll find out.

Just have to stick it out dude. My shoulder has been the same for about a week… Just one of those things!

Maybe next time. My leg was killing me. It’s already hard enough for me to walk most of the time having degenerative disc disease, couldn’t stand it anymore. Already feeling a little better with percs and antibiotics.