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Crazy Old Spice Commericals


Terry Crews. Awesome.


Terry Crews. Awesome.



more: http://www.todaysbigthing.com/2010/04/02


Lol im sorry, but this one is the best.




I want that job.


Taking showers and kicking in buildings? Sounds pretty dreamy eh


I had not seen the one Akuma posted...

slightly off (or to the side of) topic, but I have seen this...

worth a watch if you have 5 minutes. LOL


Tim and Eric directed them. Terry Cruise is just being amazing.

Best commercials ever, there are 6 or 7 of them total.


This is the best one :smiley:


I like this one the best:


Yeah, that one is pretty good Debra.

Has everyone seen this one?


Haha I like that one too.

Here's a collection of them together:



Hahahahahhahaha! These ad's are great.


I laughed my azz off on this one IT WAS MY ABBBBDOMINALS HAHAHAHAHAHA


I fucking die laughing at the end of each of those when he does the little tune screaming.

These commercials are on the level of the terry tate office linebacker ones.


These commercials are so good I figured why not and bought a bunch of Old Spice stuff. I got the body wash, the hair & body wash and some original style Old Spice cologne. The cologne works wonders as many women associate it with their fathers. Let's not analyze that overly much.

Here's one of the commercials I think is quite good:


When a company makes a commercial that doesn't make your eyes bleed, buy their product so they know they're doing something right.


Old Spice commercials are the reason why im getting into Advertising. I love it. Terry Crew is so over the top,its awesome.

Btw,are they even showing this on Television? Id imagine itd be to intense for any network other than Spike TV or G4.


I agree. I mean I need to buy soap anyway, so why not "reward" them by purchasing their product to thank them for their entertainment.

Unless you were being sarcastic. I wasn't!