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Crazy Nights, Recovery?

So being that I work hard all week in the gym, on my diet, getting enough sleep, etc etc. sometimes I feel the need to go out fri or sat night and just go nuts… the next day as im hung over as hell i always feel like kicking myself in the ass cuz i sleep the entire day away, hardly eat anything and feel like crap, plus my bank account is usually hit hard as well haha…

Anyone else ever feel the need to get krunk sometimes and just let loose? i hate it, makes me wonder how much my hard work that week in gym was for nothing, at least thats how i feel… I wonder how much one night like that and the recovery the next day really effects the progress you made that week in the gym…

Well… if it’s affecting your performance in the gym and your physique, maybe you should slow down a bit. Or stop.

Seems kind of obvious to me, but it is 6:15 in the morning so I may be overlooking something.

Like SSC said, alcohol is not a problem until it starts affecting other aspects of your life.

As for me, I need those night every once in a while. I’m from the school of thought all or nothing is no way to live (Read: just because I’m into the iron game doesn’t mean I don’t cut loose every once in a while).

Everything is fine in moderation. I can’t see getting completely blitzed once ever two or three months putting a huge damper on your progress, but you have to choose the right time as well. I’m not gonna go get completely hammered while i’m peaking for a competition.

You have to make sacrifices if you want to reach your full potential, bottom line.

If it is affecting you in some way then slow down or stop like the above poster said.

I scaled my drinking waayyyy back because of this. I couldn’t justify busting my ass all week only to blow it on the weekends.

I still get that feeling like I wanna get drunk but it’s about once a month instead of once a week.

Instead I go out sometimes with friends but I don’t drink. I bring a protein shake in my car and slip out for a bit to eat.

Gotta do what you gotta do.

Yea true that MeinHerzBrennt… I used to do the same, I remember one time I had a shake waitin for me in the car (prom night) went out to drink it in my car, being retarded i by mistake filled it with mineral water at home so when i shook it and opened it, it flew out all over my tux and the interior or my freakin car… haha… might start doing that again, its a hell of a lot better than always tryin to find food and payin like 20 bucks for a tiny sandwich only cuz its the only thing around…