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Crazy Megabulk T-ransformation

Current eating: 5,750 Calories


Bodyweight: Around 81-82kg

Squat: 160kg (Depth and Hamstrings all good now!)

Deadlift: 185kg

Bench: 120kg

Pic for T-Ransformation

You’re a bit early on the T-ransformation! Are you bulking the rest of the year and cutting for the official challenge?

It just depends where it takes me I just wanted a
new log to be honest, I’ve made a lot of results since my last log I’ll probabaly be bulking since I’m naturally a hardgainer.

There are quite a few of us bulking in preparation for the T-ransformation. I’m hoping to be a contender for most improved this year. I have a long ways to go though. I’m paranoid that I’ll gain a bunch of weight and then cut the fat and find myself looking the same lol

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That’s great buddy I hope you get where you want , my problem is I eat so much and hardly put on weight I’m nearly eating 6k calories daily ramming food down to the point where I feel sick so mine might not look very different but if I get to say 90kg I’ll probabaly cut.

I think I’ve been around 4000 cals a day and gaining. Buy a 5lb container of animal crackers from Sam’s, Costco or whatever you have. I eat them by the handful. Four or five handfuls later and I’ve eaten 600 calories without thinking about it :laughing:

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The second statement pretty much guarantees the first statement. Hey… but now your looking rock solid man!

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I miss animal crackers…

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