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Crazy Japanese....


Awesome workout video from japan:


That was really really lame


Even calling it lame is a bit over rated.


Thats why I called it really really lame :slight_smile:


I've seen worse.... Gentlemen, here's chair aerobic, the hamster cardio sensation where you don't need to lift your ass from the couch




For those of you that haven't seen this one yet... BUMP! It's completely fucked up.


Zen Warrior,

Did you check out the monolouge?

"Spare me my life... Spare me my life..."

Those lyrics are totally fucked. But the craziest part is, of course, doing aerobics whilst learning English phrases centered around how to deal with being robbed/raped. WTF?

My wife is Japanese and even she thought this was funny as hell. The Zelda-like music etc... it's one of the craziest things I have ever witnessed.


"Sit and be Fit"


Yes! And then, apparently, going on a date with your robber/rapist and picking up your own tab: "Let's go Dutch... Let's go Dutch.."

LOL! My wife is Vietnamese and she thinks most Asians are nuts. I can't wait to show her this when I get home.


Truly the pinnacle of body-transformation :-/

I wish I could find it, there once was a site posted on T-Nation's board where they had videos of people doing it. One of the funniest things I've ever seen in my life. If someone know what I'm talking about, please repost it.


""Yes! And then, apparently, going on a date with your robber/rapist and picking up your own tab: "Let's go Dutch... Let's go Dutch..""

That's what I'm saying. Going from getting raped/mugged to going on a date in under two minutes... WHILE DOING AEROBICS! This video goes down in the hall of fame for sure.

And don't Asian women rule though? Does your wife think it's normal to use an umbrella to block the sun while walking around? That totally got me on my first trip to Asia.


To answer your first question; yes, totally!

Never been to Asia, myself. The missus was born in Saigon, but raised in Paris, France. She speaks fluent Vietnamese thanks to her mother insisting that she learn her native language and only speaking to her in Vietnamese.