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Crazy Japanese....Part 2!!!


If you thought the original was fucked up then you're in for a shock.



what the hell was that


That was regoddamndiculous. ...But here's another that just makes you ask "what the hell did I just watch?"


I'm honestly so confused that I can't even think of anything witty to say.


sad part is that robber with a diaper on his head had an american accent. so more than likely he was aware of how stupid the entire show is lol.


Good ol' Japanese xenophobia done to a aerobics...


what the fuck.


The worst 3 minutes and 41 seconds that I've spent in a long while.


that was the greatest thing, ever!


i can't believe i just wasted three minutes of my life watching that.


That was sweet. I want to see everything before and after it.


At first, I was bustin out laughing. But then - like 20 seconds into it after the novelty wore off, I was just confused.

Like why did the camera keep zooming in on the girl's shoulder when they were doing their song thing?


subtle japanese eroticism?


best. video. ever.


If you can't appreciate the pure genius that went into producing that work of art, there is no hope whatsoever for you as a human being.

Absolutely brilliant.

Two thumbs way, way up.


Could be. Something tells me that this is intended to be whacking material, for some very odd customers.


hahaha that was out there!but japanese have used school girls panties in vending machines at train stations,sowho knows?


There was a time when Happatai (the guys with the leaves) was just regular Friday night viewing here in old Nippon.


I'm not gonna lie. I watched the whole "Yatta" video and I was tappin my toe the whole time.

Sometime later today during my workout, I'm gonna have sweat burning in my eyes and more lactic acid coursing through my veins than blood and I'll think of that chorus, "yatta, yatta, yatta, sugemosegoleyooo!!"


It reminds me of the llama song...