Crazy High Test Level After Temporarily Increased Dose

Been in TRT 6 months and normal protocol is 75mg E3D which takes me to a test level of 750. This is very consistent.

I don’t normally take an AI but tried small amounts and managed to crash my E2 levels. In order to try and quickly raise my E2 levels I upped my dose to 90mg for one jab and then 150mg for the next.

I then dropped back to my normal 75mg E3D regime and 10 days later posted my bloods to the lab. Test levels came back at 2750!!

I use Medichecks which are one of the biggest testing labs in the UK and my results have always been very consistent. Now I know I raised my injection to 90mg and then 150mg a few weeks before for 2 consecutive jabs but surely this wouldn’t result in test levels jumping from 750 to 2750 once I had been back on my normal regime for over 10 days!?

The only thing I did different that week was try grape seed extract and Aswaganda tabs (which I’ve had before).

Confused as either the slight increase for 2 jabs sent my test skyrocketing through the roof (which doesn’t seem likely) or the results are wrong (which I’m also struggling to believe as they’re a reputable lab who have always been spot on)


Using Sustanon?

Test E.

As I said, my standard protocol of 75mg E3D takes me to 750 very consistently and I only upped the dose for 2 jabs, to 90mg then 150mg. This test was 13days after the 150mg dose and I had been back at 75mg for 10days.

Very peculiar!

Did you have any other affects from the high t?
Like libido, erections, energy? curious cause I wanted to try some large injections here and there

What is the half life of the t you are taking?
If it’s like 7 days it will take a few weeks to get back to normal.

I felt like shit from crashing my E2, upping my dose improved things as it increased E2 as well

Half life of Test E is 4.5 days. I wouldn’t expect 150mg of test E to take your levels to anywhere near 2750 even the day after the jab, never mind the fact this was 13days after the jab.

That pharmacy dispensed or UGL?

Self prescribed but a reputable brand.

75mg from the same vial took me to 750 as usual when I tested 3-4 weeks earlier.

This won’t work because the aromatase enzymes are blocked from converting T->E2 so you will only get more T and DHT. You only start making new estrogen when the AI detaches from the aromatase enzymes.

If it’s a suicide inhibitor like aromasin you will have to wait for your body to create more aromatase enzymes.

TRT dosing isn’t linear, once you get to a certain point, levels can rise exponentially. Also note your levels will still change from time to time even while on the same dosage.

UGL means you’re not 100% sure the ester is what you think it is and although it’s definitely Test it might be higher dose so you might have added more than you think and it might last longer than you think.

It’s either a lab error or the extra test and given the fact you know you took extra test and as you say Medichecks is decent (I’ve used them alongside NHS labs and got the same results) I’d say it’s the test (definitely not the Ashwagandha).